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  • Guinea Star.  Courtesy:  William Goldberg

  • Historical photo of the Kimberley Mine circa 1873.

  • Namdeb operations in Namibia.  Courtesy:  DeBeers

  • Natural on the Girdle.  Courtesy:  Gary Roskin

  • Fancy Coloured Diamond.  Courtesy:  Arthur Langerman

  • Master Cutter Motti Bernstein.  Courtesy:  William Goldberg

  • Aerial Prospecting.  Courtesy:  DeBeers

  • Synthetic Diamonds.  Courtesy:  Tom Chatham

  • Fancy Red Diamond.  Courtesy:  William Goldberg

"I love the diamond business. Its a Cinderella world. It has everything! People! Drama! Romance! Precious Stones! Speculation! Excitement! What more could you want?"

- Harry Winston
"I know how to take a loss because I know how to take a profit"

- William Goldberg
"...but in vain we search for any record of a gem which can in point of curiosity, beauty and perfection, be compared with this blue brilliant"

- Henry Philip Hope on his namesake Hope Diamond
"From the moment I knew I was going to cut it I became another man: a strange man. I was looking at the stone in the day, and the stone was looking at me at night"

- Gabi Tolkowski on the Centenary Diamond. At his hands it became a 247 facet 273.85ct modern cut D Internally Flawless.
"This is no diamond!"

- Premier Mine employee as he slung the world's largest diamond, the 3106ct Cullinan, out the window in disbelief. It was later retrieved by the mine's surface manager.
"Diamonds speak to me"

- Sir Ernest Oppenheimer


Diamond is a facinating subject, the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet and one of mankind's greatest obsessions.

Covering every aspect of diamonds from their origin and properties, through mining, the four Cs of grading and marketing, to modern high-tech treatments, fancy coloured diamonds and synthetics, The Diamond Compendium is equally as effective as a topical quick reference or as a cover-to-cover read. Whether you are using this book to prepare for formal examinations, learn the facts about purchasing diamonds, gain customer confidence through increased knowledge, understand the trade or simply to satisfy your curiosity, this is the single most important diamond reference since the 1978 edition of Eric Bruton's Diamonds.

Meticulously compiled, containing 20 chapters, over 200 colour photographs, 150 illustrations and easy reference tables and charts, The Diamond Compendium is the most thorough, absorbing and comprehensive book on the market.



DeeDee Cunningham, FCGmA,FGA,DGA is holder of professional diamond and gemmology diplomas from Great Britain and Canada. Receipient of multiple Distinctions, including one in the Gem Diamomd Diploma from the Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain, she was awarded the W. Donald Goodger prize upon graduation from the Canadian Gemmological Association in 1995.

Foreword by Peter Read

The Diamond Compendium contains a rigorously researched set of chapters readable either as scientific monographs or as descriptive gemmological texts. The chapter on "Synthetic Diamond" charts the long, painstaking and occassionally explosive lead-up to successful and repeatable synthesis. Similarly the chapter on "Colour" deals extensively with the science and perception of colour and its relevance to diamond and colour treatments.

The subject range covered by The Diamond Compendium makes it a suitable textbook for use with gemmology and diamond courses worldwide. It is also useful as an up-to-date work of reference for the researcher and anyone requiring an accurate account of all the latest. Anyone who has ever been interested in diamonds, as a business or hobby, can benefit from the wide fund of information contained in this book.

Seven years in the making, it is specifically tailored to serve as the "definitive" work on the subject.



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A full author's note with personal remarks is contained in the book. Excerpted here are just the names of those individuals:

Peter Read, Peter Dwyer-Hickey, Zia Hasan, Richard Cartier, James Shigley, Thomas Chatham, Robert Hazen, Alan Hodgkinson, Stephen Hofer, Arthur Langerman, Moreton Moore, Kurt Nassau, Nizam Peters, Gary Roskin, Adrian Van Rythoven, Michael Diez D'Aux, Gordon Agar, Stan Shevil, Cathy Jonathan, Dona Dirlam, Gus Pritchett, Robert Weldon, Peggy Tsiamis, Rose Tozer, Judy Colbert, Kathleen Dailey, Michael Daligdig, Paula Rucinski, Sheryl Elen, Chris Alderman, David Johnson, Ingrid Henrici, Duncan Enright, Fred Kern, Paul Stager, John Hale, Toria Lyle, Catherine Williams, Nikki Edwards, Liz Jones, Marilyn Plouffe-Quinsey, Thomas Dean, Peter and Sandy Wirun, Tim Cusimano, Richard Cooper, Lois Bell, Minesh Shah, Jack and Raffi Libarian, Heida Mani, Pavel Sectakof, Graham Stead and Stockwell.



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